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Call or Email the parish office for more information about a sacrament or sacramental program.
The first of the Sacraments of Initiation. The word "baptism" means immersion in water. Through immersion in or pouring of water and anointing with oil, a person becomes a member of the Catholic Christian Community. The choice to become a Catholic Christian needs to be an informed decision. To facilitate this, the parish provides Baptismal Preparation sessions for parents of infants to be baptized and the RCIA Process for adults and children of catechetical age seeking to become members of the Church.
The repeatable Sacrament of Initiation in which a person receives the Body and Blood of Christ as Holy Communion. The word 'Eucharist' means thanks and praise. Besides nurturing and strengthening a Christian's baptismal commitment, contact with Christ in the Eucharist challenges one to live a life of praise and thanksgiving by becoming the Body of Christ for others.
Reconciliation The Sacrament of Healing that celebrates God's gift of forgiveness and peace through the Church. It is also known as Penance and includes the confession of sins to a priest. In the early church this sacrament was simply called 'Second Baptism' because it renews or restores a person's connection with the Christian community. Reconciliation is celebrated on non-holiday Mondays beginning at 6:30 PM at the Church of St. Mary, and Saturday's at 3:30 - 3:45 PM at SJESJ, or any other time and place of convenience. Simply contact the Parish Office to schedule a particular time.
Confirmation The Sacrament of Initiation that seals and completes baptism. Through the laying of hands and anointing with chrism by the bishop, a person is empowered to live out the promises made at baptism.
Matrimony The Sacrament of Vocation (Way of Life) when two baptized people confer on each other in the presence of an official witness of the Church. This sacrament celebrates the commitment of a man and woman to each other, which is a sign of Christ's love for the church. It also celebrates the commitment of God to supply the grace the couple needs to live out their marriage.
Holy Orders Call for more information.
of the Sick
The Sacrament of Healing that extends Jesus' ministry of healing and forgiveness to someone who is seriously ill, preparing for surgery or burdened by old age. The priest lays hands on and anoints the person with special oil blessed for this purpose by the Bishop or his delegate.