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Rosary Altar Society
Our mission, as a society dedicated to Mary, our Mother, is to encourage devotion to Mary and her Holy Rosary, to care for our worship space and to support one another in our community through service, spiritual works and fellowship.

The St. John/St. Joseph Rosary Altar Society’s purpose has always been devotion to our Lord’s Mother, Mary, with the recitation of the Rosary on Saturday mornings during the months of May and October.

The Society members take pleasure in the cleaning of the altar and sacristy on a weekly\biweekly basis. We have four meetings a year held in the Rectory in Rensselaer, New York.
We have two fund-raisers to support the activities of the society. One is a Social and Entertainment Show held in April and the other is a Pound Party held in the fall. The proceeds from these functions go toward items needed for the altar and donations for Concerns-U, Catholic Charities, Youth Faith Formation Activities, Cookies for Shut-Ins, and others upon request.

We have a Communion Breakfast in October and two dinners during the year, which combine the spiritual and social aspects of our Society.

If you are interested in our society or have questions, please contact Carina Mahar, President at 436-1677.