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In The fall of 2004 the Catholic Faith Community fulfilled its long held dream of securing a registered parish nurse. Hire as a paid, part-time staff person Judy Wainman, Roman Catholic, began to immediately establish this ministry of healing throughout the Catholic Faith Community of Rensselaer.

  • The parish-nursing program began. The most common work performed includes talking with people about personal health problems. Common concerns include communicating with their health care provider, questions about medications and transportation issues.
  • Advocating for people within the health care system. The nurse may accompany a person to the doctor’s office or emergency room, or make phone calls to set up appointments. Talking with family members to help them better understand their loved ones needs.
  • Education with a focus on holistic health. The parish nurse provides information through bulletin articles, offering educational seminars. Making current printed information available for all on topics such as allergies, skin cancers, flu information, health care proxy, CPR and much more.
  • Screenings for hypertension occur once a month after each Mass in both churches with a focus on prevention through diet and exercise.
  • Directing people to health-related resources in the community, such as social service, community agencies such as hospice and other informational organizations.

    For further information on the Parish Nurse Program you can contact the Parish office at 465-0482.